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Fashion Assassin Podcast is an audio-drama podcast based upon the Alexa Silven Trilogy, by C.B. Hoffmann, about a fashion designer who is blackmailed into being an assassin, only to ultimately seek revenge.

Not relying on sex, drugs or cussing, these books are action thrillers driven by mystery, suspense and dangerous twists. All books by C.B. Hoffmann feature amazing messages of forgiveness, repentance and reconciliation. Check out the audio-drama podcast, alive with sound effects, music, and narration by the author, C.B. Hoffmann, Dan Hoffmann, Mark Hoffmann and John Hoffmann. 

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Jun 20, 2020

Gother arrives late to his desk to find an urgent message from Mark Truman. He rushes to the Art Gallery’s Grand Opening where Truman is anxiously waiting at the entrance. During opening ceremonies, calamity strikes Stoney Brighton and chaos...

Jun 17, 2020

In her continued flashback, Alexa finds the black limo from the shakedown, engineered by the American Ambassador to France, parked outside Legano’s Art Gallery. Their vehement argument reveals Stefan’s involvement in this nightmare. As Ambassador Waters leaves for the American Embassy, a disguised Silven steps in...

Jun 14, 2020

Alexa battles emerging feelings for Mark Truman with guilt from memories of France and her love for Stefan, who tragically resists a shakedown. Alexa is haunted by memories of her fit of rage that leads to her first lethal...