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Fashion Assassin Podcast is an audio-drama podcast based upon the Alexa Silven Trilogy, by C.B. Hoffmann, about a fashion designer who is blackmailed into being an assassin, only to ultimately seek revenge.

Not relying on sex, drugs or cussing, these books are action thrillers driven by mystery, suspense and dangerous twists. All books by C.B. Hoffmann feature amazing messages of forgiveness, repentance and reconciliation. Check out the audio-drama podcast, alive with sound effects, music, and narration by the author, C.B. Hoffmann, Dan Hoffmann, Mark Hoffmann and John Hoffmann. 

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Feb 10, 2020

On her laptop, Alexa Silven receives a contract to eliminate Stoney Brighton, her main fashion buyer. She tells the blackmailer she’ll accept no contract and no further communication. More threats arrive in her email and in a rage, she throws the laptop from her balcony, intending to sever all communications....

Feb 2, 2020

Daniel convinces Mark Truman to go with him to the café and charm Alexa Silven out of her negative impression of him. When Mark enters the café, he and Alexa Silven are mutually thunderstruck! She offers another opportunity at an impromptu interview and photo shoot in her studio. Escaping the obvious attraction as the...