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Fashion Assassin Podcast is an audio-drama podcast based upon the Alexa Silven Trilogy, by C.B. Hoffmann, about a fashion designer who is blackmailed into being an assassin, only to ultimately seek revenge.

Not relying on sex, drugs or cussing, these books are action thrillers driven by mystery, suspense and dangerous twists. All books by C.B. Hoffmann feature amazing messages of forgiveness, repentance and reconciliation. Check out the audio-drama podcast, alive with sound effects, music, and narration by the author, C.B. Hoffmann, Dan Hoffmann, Mark Hoffmann and John Hoffmann. 

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Dec 22, 2019

The unscheduled interview becomes more of a jousting match and Alexa leaves the reporter with a stinging last word. But the night proves beneficial to Daniel Gother who connects with Ray Talbert and a new approach to fashion reporting. Gother becomes determined that he’ll see better days and gain one more interview...

Dec 16, 2019

After unsuccessfully probing into Briana’s identity, Alexa wearily leaves the dinner party and goes to the hotel café for the interview, but finds the reporter dozing at the counter. She sits next to him and enjoys talking with Ray Talbert, the café manager. Daniel Gother awakens and in apology for not expectantly...

Dec 4, 2019

Backstage, after the fashion show, Alexa finds a threatening note from her blackmailer in her coat pocket as she prepares to leave. She links this to the dark form in the balcony, assuming it was her blackmailer. Following her team’s celebration dinner, she agrees to an impromptu interview and joins a reporter in the...